Entrepreneurial investors have been looking at Mozambique as a destination of major interest of late, and with good reason - the country experienced rapid economic growth over the past two years, averaging 7.9% annually, which places it among the highest in the whole of Sub- Saharan Africa. As one of South Africa's foremost Property Developing Companies, Twin City has embarked on the Massingir Valley Farms project (MVF). An ideal investment opportunity for Twin City and like-minded visionary trailblazers who wish to establish a greater footprint in Southern Africa. The result is an agricultural enterprise in the Southwest of Gaza Province in Southern Mozambique, bordering South Africa to the West, with access to the Massingir Dam on the Olifants River - the second largest dam in the country.
All these contributing factors create high demand, which is unlikely to besufficiently catered for in the foreseeable future.


Phase 1 of MVF will be completed Q1 2023. This phase will stretch over a DUAT area of 2 000ha with 1 430ha of lucerne under irrigation, predominately aimed at the export market, shipping through Maputo harbour, which is located 5 hours via tar road from MVF. To help lay the groundwork for profitability, an off-take and export agreement has already been signed with GWK – Southern Africa’s lucerne export leaders, for the foreseeable future. At present the biggest export market for MVF is dairy farms in the UAE. Several key global factors influence the current demand/supply deficit. The biggest driver is the massive expansion in dairy produce in the UAE and China (Political tension between USA and China-USA is the biggest lucerne producer worldwide) as well as the war in eastern Europe which result in a decrease in supply.


A DUAT area of 2 000ha with 1 430ha of lucerne under irrigation. The Massingir region is ideal for lucerne production due to its deep rich soil, warm dry weather, plentiful water supply from the Massingir dam as well as the absence of cold winters. The establishment of a viable micro-economic environment will be a key driver to ensure the success of short- and long-term project goals.
Lucerne is rich in protein, and as such is established as a feed crop. There is a rapidly growing export market especially to China and Middle East, due to the increase in demand for dairy products. Regular yields due to the 4-5 week harvesting cycle ensures continual income.


Government endorsement with the presidential inauguration of the project Strong relationship with local communities and authorities Sustainable and impactful contribution towards the local Economic Community DUATs are in place for future expansion, 12,800 hectares with water rights in hand Approval as qualified food producer by GACC this will make export to China possible Possibility of obtaining a special economic zone certificate Extension of the national railroad from Xai Xai to Massingir Participation in local SUSTENTA program Investing in local youth development initiatives


Whilst bringing change and uplifting the Massingir region is a vital part of the Massingir Valley Farms purpose, offering investor value and establishing an effective, profitable, and sustainable farming model lies at the core of this project. With an area of 12800ha with approved water rights secured, and further potential to extend the area to over 40 000ha, MVF airs to create one of the largest agricultural hubs in Mozambigue. The Massingir dam, second largest dam in Mozambique, boasts full irrigation capacity for the entire area, and the opportunity for hydro electricity generation in future. With the right financial parter, the opportunities are virtually limitless. The central and local goverment as well as the community of Massingir and surrounds fully supports this project and has committed to help make this Agricultural dream a reality.
Our vision is to create an agricultural hub in the Massingir area based on the 12 800ha of DUATs with water rights we have in hand.
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